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    As I understand it, the max bitrate for a XSVCD is determinated by the CD-read-speed in the DVD-player, right?
    But if I create a DVD-XSVCD, the DVD-R is read as a DVD. And a DVD-read-speeds are often faster than CD-read-speeds, right?
    So if my DVD-player just can play 3000 kbps XSVCDs if they are put on CDs, it's possible that it can read more than 3000 kbps if i put them on DVD-Rs, right?
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    Ummmmmmmmm, no. The CD read speed is one limitation, but this is usually at least 8x (ie a 1x DVD speed). That's roughly 10,000 which is a respectable bitrate for a DVD video.

    Your limitation is your DVD players ability to deal with the data. Some players choke out at 2500, whereas mine keeps plugging with xSVCD's at 6000. It chokes at 8000.

    You can't put a xSVCD onto a DVDR, it doesn't work like a SVCD. You can put it on a DVDR as an MPG, if your player supports file mode play (mine does, but it won't search/FF/REW in file mode, only in VCD/SVCD mode). What you really want to do is author your DVDR's in 1/2 D1 mode. This gives you about 1/2 the resolution so you only 'need' 1/2 the DVD bitrate. Realistically you can get some pretty high bitrates and still have a 3 hour movie on 1 disk, with subs and 5.1 audio.
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