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  1. I've been playing with the ATI TV Wonder recently and I'm a bit confused with the capture codecs.

    According to the website, this thing is supposed to be able to capture in AVI and MPEG. However, the only choice I get when I go into options is VCR1.

    This is odd because according to the website, VCR-1 and AVI are only for the TV Wonder VE which this is NOT.

    Can anyone shed any light here?

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  2. There are lots of threads about how to capture MPEG's with your ATI and MMC - just do a little searching. It is possible to capture MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 plus AVI

    I'm a little confused by your question - my first suggestion would be that you get the latest MMC from the ATI web site.

    ...also you can check out the link in my sig for a helpful tool "Next" and myself developed.
    your pal,
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  3. Well, I did figure out how to do MPEG but not with sound. I am looking around the posts but I've been searching everywhere so I'm getting a little tired of reading

    At any rate, the tool you mentioned is for AIW and I have a TV Wonder.

    The other thing that bugs me is I can't seem to get VirtualDub or any third party utility to record with the TV Wonder. VirtualDub just bombs out....

    More searching....
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  4. Z, your driver could only support DirectShow, but not VFW, hence all other 3rd part video capture progy won't work unless you install some files called VFW to DirectShow wrap or something, which I'm not formaliar with.
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