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  1. Far too goddamn old now EddyH's Avatar
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    Jan 2003
    Soul sucking suburbia! But a different part since I last logged on.
    Search Comp PM
    I think it's the AOL factor.... any of the truly annoying noobs (i really hope i wasnt one, though I feel that i'm about to be very hypocritical) are those who just dont understand the basic netiquette... ie - got a question? First hunt for a FAQ link and scan thru it, then have a basic browse of the last one or two forum pages to see if anyone else has asked the same. Then and only then, if you're still puzzled, you ask.

    On any help-forum, about anything, in the entire internet.

    But still, people just don't get it... you see it happen everywhere Somehow all those brightly (?) coloured, bold-texted buttons down the left hand side with helpful titles such as HOW TO... AUTHOUR, CAPTURE, CONVERT, DVD RIP (and the somewhat confusing HOW TO NEWBIE) don't seem to catch their eyes.

    And a couple of (fictional but based in reality) examples off of a car forum and a palm help centre I sometime dip into
    "Help!!! My m105 batteries keep going flat and the touchscreen won't work!"
    (there must be a million and one how-to-rice guides out there, and at least four or five of those m105 questions per forum page as it's such a common combination of problems with them.. they dont even read the very page of threads they put the new topic on.. braindead and lazy, the AOL effect. I'd love to see them try to do the literature review section of my degree project I just finished - 3000 words of my own searching for info on a subject, without asking anyone else for help. It mentally hurt like hell. The AOLites, for want of a better title, would be found in computer dens across the country with large holes in their skulls where the brain exploded out of ok ok maybe that's going a bit far)

    Now... tell me... how do I add subtitles to this video I'm burning? (ducks)
    Off to the FAQ/Guides page again..
    -= She sez there's ants in the carpet, dirty little monsters! =-
    Back after a long time away, mainly because I now need to start making up vidcapped DVDRs for work and I haven't a clue where to start any more!

  2. Banned
    Join Date
    Nov 2002
    Pgh Area
    Search Comp PM
    Boy, this one seems to get goats.
    Why do some of you get so po'd if a "newbie" asks a "dumb" question? "We" taking up too much bandwidth or server space?
    Discipullus, I tried your link. My point is made there. 9 pages of how to, and, if you have a problem, on page 8, not 1 or 2, but 8, it says, if you have a problem with this, it's because you are using TOO NEW a download, go back and DL an older version. We tell "newbies" to make sure they have up to date programs and wait till page 8 to say, " Oh, BTW, get an older version to be able to do this!!!"
    As to Gazorgan's post, I started capture and convert with an AMD 350, and, I think, at that time RAM was so expensive that 32 or 64 meg was a boss machine. I'm running a 2000XP, 1800XP, and a 1200XP, all with 512 to 768 meg of RAM now, a couple 120 gigs, a 100 gig, an 80, a 60, a 45, and a 40 gig HDD, spread amongst them, all networked, etc, Win 98SE, and Win2k, I simply do not like XP, so I am not exactly illeterate. You know, there are , really, some people who either can't afford to be on the cutting edge, as I can't ( well, maybe I could, but I'd fell like a jackass if I went out and bought the latest, greatest, just because it's there ), so why cut them because they are using a slower CPU than you? Hey, if the majors say their whatever WILL work with a 486, it will, mebbe not well, but it will. So it takes 24 hours to render. Some of the programs you conosseuirs recommend take at least that long, if you take all the arcane steps you advise.
    And EddyH,
    My God, I'm surprised YOUR brain didn't explode, doing a whole 3000 word, all by yourself, can't ask anyone for help, paper. Man, that must have mentally hurt like hell. You are obviously a graduate student, and not just a kid who is in his first or second year. They surely wouldn't take the chance of burning your brain out as an undergrad, would they? Jeez, it's not a pretty sight to imagine, working that hard, and sitting in your " computer den" with a big hole in your head, where the brain " exploded out". Straight out of Dilbert. And, you had such high hopes for the future, as did your parents when they mortgaged their future to finance yours. Well, you don't really sound like a working class ( read lower ) person, so maybe they didn't have to mortgage anything.
    And, 'tho I have never been on AOLite, it has probably gotten more people to clog up this forum than any other ISP. Without those 25 million online, how many would clog up this forum? Some people really do need some hand holding. Out of curiousity, have you graduated from AOL, and now feel that they're all a bunch of idiots?
    Good luck on whatever you're studying for. Sounds as though it's for Tony Blair's government. " We're smarter than you."

  3. Member Conquest10's Avatar
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    Sep 2002
    Chicago, IL
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    be quiet already, newbie.
    His name was MackemX

    What kind of a man are you? The guy is unconscious in a coma and you don't have the guts to kiss his girlfriend?

  4. Banned
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    Nov 2002
    Pgh Area
    Search Comp PM
    If I wasn't already ignoring you, I sure as hell would now.
    At the risk of starting a flame war, and getting kicked off this forum, I would mention that, when I read all the posts you have made, many of which are helpful, you are also one of the quickest to cry "No fair, he's attacking me."
    You are not such an old timer, y'know. You spout off as a Chicago boy who feels as though any thing I say is gospel, so there.
    And 6 minutes from my post to your "Be quiet there, newbie." , 2:11 mine, 2:17 yours, indicates that you are intersted in keeping ANYONE from saying someting that would make you look bad. I have nothing against you. I simply do not understand why some of you kids feel that this is your own forum and you "stupids" keep the hell off it If that is the case, maybe we should go to doom9, where one post said the idea for this site originated, when one of the posters said they were so f'in "iggorant" they wouldn't answer his question, so he came here. And was told that doom9 was the impetus for this site, in some very specific terms.
    Seriously, are you so ****y that the rest of us are just using up your server space? Or are you just a young jerk who has put up some numbers to nake himself seem "important" ?
    This will probably gald your ass also.. As much as you guys say to use umpteen inter-related programs to get a viewable VCD or SVCD, DVDx has just, in 2 and a 1/2 hours gone from DVD to VCD, 2 disks. I have just viewed both disks to check the quality, and they are very near DVD, a click here and there in the audio, video, damn near perfect. Of course, without the advise I got here, not from you, but from puertorican138 and others, I jacked up the bitrate, which, without the forums, puertorican again, since the "check compliance" button said, "noncompliant", I would probably have assumed to mean my Apex would not play it, hence, I would have used the default of 1150 kbps, and gotten jerky playback, and assumed that it was the best I could hope for. I mean, if you have 6 gigs of data, and want to put it on 2 CDs, you have to acept some degradation, don't you?
    Hey, out of curiousity, again, why do you watch this forum so closely that, right now, you shoot back a "Get the f* off our board, newbie."?
    I mean, the last reply to this post, not counting yesterday, was a week and a half ago. No one said nothing till now, and, damn if you don't snap it up and say get the f* offa here, we only wanna tal;k to each other.
    I think I gotta ask a couple of the moderators whether I should go away.

  5. Banned
    Join Date
    Nov 2002
    Pgh Area
    Search Comp PM
    What the hell is a gumby, anyhow? Sounds like some kinda childish thing. And you are him, huh? Damn.

  6. No Longer Mod tgpo's Avatar
    Join Date
    Feb 2002
    The South Side
    Search Comp PM
    In an effort to avoid a flame war I'm closing this topic.

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