Hi there,

Recently I downloaded some .mpg files. I thought I would be able to burn them as VCD with Toast. But it wasn't available. Whenever I drag-n-drop them to Toast it says:
"File cannot be used to create a VideoCD. Please use the 'Video CD' option in your MPEG encoder/multiplexer"

Then I tried to export the mpg file as "Toast Video CD". It was not succesful, either. It gave the following error:
"Couldn't export the movie. Because there is no video track"

I saved the as .mov and tried the same mpg conversion. Same error was occured.

Please advise what I should do.

Quicktime file info: Format- MPEG1 Muxed
Platform: OS 10.2.4, G3-700, 60 GB HD, 1GB ram

Thanks 8)