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  1. I have just bought a NEC ND1000a DVD+R/W drive, and I cant get it to burn properly, It burns CD-R's perfectly but when I try to burn a DVD+r I get the message "power calibration error" i've tried using different burning software, and using the latest ASPI files but it doesn't want to work most time, I have burned just 2 DVD's and every single other attempt has failed, anybody got any ideas? should I take it back to the shop? or is it a simple prob to fix?
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  2. it seemthat the ND-1000a seems to only exept good quility DVD+r if you use cheaper ones thats when you get the power calabration error it seem like its down to firm ware i used bulkpaq DVD and every one came up the same error have a look it seemes its not the only wrighter that suffers from the same problem on that sight it explains the problem a bit better look at the pioneer one in the info bit im thinking of sending mine back ive sent a email to nec but thay will probarly not repley but if thay do ill let ye know whats happning + i didnt know you can burn DVD-r in the nec ND-1000a are you sure a thought it was just +r it took but mind u im new to this
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  3. these drives only burn + surely can anybody confirm they burn _ +discs
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