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  1. Is there a porgram out there so I can tweak framrates on MPEG and on an MPEG is there a program that'd let me mess wiht framrates??
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  2. MPEG framerates are not specified by an actual exact number that can be changed willy-nilly to any value you desire. They are specified by a coded number that represents the framerate and there's only a few defined framerates that have code values which are available to choose from.

    23.97 24 25 29.97 30 59.97 60 are most (if not all) of the values available.

    There are a set of programs out there designed specifically to change the coded number back and forth between 29.97 and 23.97 for NTSC/FILM (also 25 and 23.97 for PAL/FILM), but they are probably not what you were looking for.
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