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  1. Dazzle DVC-I is MPEG1
    Dazzle DVC-II is MPEG2

    But the product pages for the DVC-50 and DVC-80 say nothing about what format they are recording.

    Does somebody have these products? What do they capture? How do they rate against the I or II?

    -Richard M. Hartman
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    I use the dvc 1 usb on Win 2000 for any vhs cap's. You can adjust the bandwidth up to account for a higher vid bitrate (ie I cap at 3000 x 224 on the vhs') Then if you want to lessen it after you've capped it you can run it through TMP. Capping in the DVC 2 would allow you to cap with an mpeg2 vid stream rather than the mpg1 in the dvc 1. As far as bandwidth you'd probably be able to get the same quality out of either. Hope this made some sense. As far as the other models, I know there were spec sheets on the products on their site if you click the individual products.

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  3. It sounds like you are saying that MPEG1 and MPEG2 are the same quality? No ... that does not make sense to me. Could you please explain further?

    -Richard M. Hartman
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  4. I believe DVC-50 works with the video capture and editing program that come with Win ME.
    DVC-80 is for general capture, mostly for video email and the likes.
    Both of this are connected through USB (slow). Quality?? They are really not meant for making (S)VCD. And the price reflects it.
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  5. Also, DVC I was explained, no need to go into that.
    DVC II is a PCI based hardware capture card, captures both MPEG 1 and 2, with video bitrate going up to 10000kps. Has VCD, SVCD and DVD templates. the editing software has a little bit of a problem. Some AMD/VIA owner have problem with the card.
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  6. Too bad none of the replies answered your question, because I have the same question. The information on the Dazzle Web site is of no use... says nothing about what the DVC-50/80 produces.

    I use DVC II. But, it seems incapable of capturing uncompressed video (real-time MPEG-2 is it's main claim-to-fame), which I would like to have, so that TMPGenc can do all the work, instead of first undoing what DVC II has done. I was thinking that the cheaper DVC 80 might be what I want.

    Hope you get an answer...
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  7. If you are wanting uncompressed video in addition to your MPEG Dazzle output you can always look into one of the BT8x8 based cards that go for as little as $20.00 at different web liquidators.

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  8. Both DVC-50 & 80 are design around WinME capacity.
    From Dazzle writeup, I suspected that both designed to capture only MPEG-1. Base on that assumtion, I will say that DVC-50 is rated lower than DVC I. And DVCII rate higher than DVC-50 & 80.
    By the way, there no way of capturing MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 without compression. MPEG-1 & MPEG-2 designed with compression in mind... to make the files smaller. If you want real-time editing, use device that capture avi format. This format file size is HUGE!! A weak point for home user. Dazzle claimed that DVC II can capture MPEG-2 in realtime. That does not mean realtime editing.
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  9. DVC 50 (USB) straightly for Win ME user only, produces MPEG1.
    DVC 80 (USB) is for general capturing, it comes with VideoWave 4, so if you look into that, you will find out that VideoWave 4 edit in AVI format (meaning DVC 80 must cap in AVI), then produces in MPEG 1 or 2. VideoWave does not have setting for SVCD format (at least not with my copy of VideoWave 3.5), that's why you seldom hear it mention here. You can always transcode it with TMPGEnc.
    These 2 rating against DVC II? not even close, DVC II is in a completely different category, apple and oranges.

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  10. Hi,

    I am using DVC II. It comes with MPEG PCI card and a unit that is attached to it. Basically this unit is to connect the Camcorder or VHS and has both Composite and S-video inputs.

    I have used the card to create both VCD and SVCD. But does not face any problem. The quality of the picture can be increased by changing the settings. I am using the same with Pentium 4 Dell Precision workstation 330 with win2k. Never come across much problem. People say that there is some lip-sync problem. I never come across such.

    You can use this card for personal video capture and editing. I am not sure about using it in professional line. I have used the software Moviestar and Ulead Mediastudio pro to edit the captured video and titling. Moviestar titling is no good and it has very minimal transitions. Both the software work cool with the DVCII captures.

    It has templates for MPEG1 and MPEG2. But does not support DVD inputs.

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