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  1. I am trying to create a DVD disc image with movie factory 2, I put mpeg 2
    CVD files with 352 x 240 res. on it. I've done this before but for some reason this time it get to the multiplexing files stage, then it says that it has an unknown error and shuts down. I love the menus you get in movie factory with the background music so I'm trying to keep this project in MF2
    does anyone have any suggestions?
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    There is no such thing as CVD with 352 X 240 Framesize.

    CVD is 352 X 576/480, SVCD is 480 X576/480 and VCD is 352 X 288/240.

    Try re-mux your files as mpeg 2 VBR with tmpgenc. It might help
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