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  1. id like to convert my video _ts folder stuff to iso how do i do this?
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  2. Did you ever figure out how to convert video_ts to .iso?
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  3. Try the Imgtool program.
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  4. I believe that dvddecrypter does that as well (I dont think I have ever done that exactly, I always make an ISO from the DVD-R in my dvd drive, but I am sure you could). You can also use nero, just burn it to the image recorder.
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  5. DVDdecryter will rip from a dvd to your HD in .iso format. But if the movie has been ripped to your HD as video_ts folder containing .buf, .vob, .ifo files dvddecrypter won't convert it to a .iso file. If you want to convert it to .iso Imgtool will do it then just burn th .iso to dvd using dvddecrypter. I've used Imgtool a few times to do this. Works good. I actually prefer doing this way. I'm don't care to much for burning the video_ts folder to a dvd with Nero for some odd reason. Seems more simplistic using Imgtool and dvddecrypter. If you choose to you can use another burning program like Nero to burn the video_ts folder and the including files to a dvd.
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  6. Stay away from Nero if at all possible.

    Dload the IMGTools utility at There are two of them, one for making an image file from the VIDEO_TS folder (and the other for burning the IMG file). I personally burn with DVD Decrytpter thou.
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    1) Is there something like imgburn for mac os/x? I want to burn img or iso files or convert to these from video_ts and audio_ts files and then burn.

    2) Are iso and img files stilll better than "video_ts + audio_ts" anyway? (for standalone dvd players of course)
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  8. To convert VIDEO_TS folders on a mac to .iso files you can use AquaISO (free download at Sourceforge: ). AquaISO will create an uncompressed image of the folder, one that you can mount, write, or burn. If your VIDEO_TS folder is larger than 4.3 GB then it won't fit on a normal 4.7 GB DVD using AquaISO. However, if all you want is an ISO image then AquaISO will work for you.
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