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  1. I just tried my first rip. The CD plays fine on my computer, but I cant seem to get it to work on my Sony DVP-S330. Every time I insert the disk, it says, "No Disk." I have tried an Imation CD-R and a TDK CD-R, using both Nero and Easy CD Creator 5. Does anyone know how to fix this or know of a solid working CD for this DVD player? Thanks Guys!
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    You might want to try a CD-RW disc instead of a CD-R. It seems that most of the Sony DVD machines can't read CD-R's, and this is most likely attributed to the fact that it's a single pickup unit, using a red laser for both CD and DVD media. I have a Sony DVP-C660 and have had very good luck with CD-RW media using both Nero and EZCD (and couldn't get any CD-R's to work, thought I didn't try that many). You should check out the DVD Players list (on the left) for more information; there is a listing for your player.
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