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    I use VCDEasy to burn VCD's and XSVCD's but when I tried to burn an XVCD, this is what I get:

    [Internal Xml Generation]
    Internally computed XML generated successfully: "C:\temp for me\videocd.xml"

    GNU VCDImager 0.7.12
    initializing libvcd 0.7.12 [cygwin/i686]

    this is the UNSTABLE development branch!
    use only if you know what you are doing
    see for more information

    changed volume number to 1
    changed volume count to 1
    changed restriction number to 0
    changing 'next volume use sequence 2' to 0
    changing 'next volume use lid 2' to 0
    changed volume label to `VIDEOCD'
    changed publisher id to `VCDEASY_V114'
    changed application id to `CDI/CDI_VCD.APP;1'
    changing 'relaxed aps' to 0
    adding pbc (Selection-000/2)
    adding pbc (Selection-end/3)
    sequence count 1
    adding sequence #0, C:\pvcrwork\352x480_mpeg1_3M.mpg
    pos != buflen (2322 != 2324)
    mpeg scan: pack header code (0x000001ba) expected, but 0x01ba2100 found (buflen = 2324)
    bad packet at packet #1 (stream byte offset 2324) -- remaining 629230735 bytes of stream will be ignored
    Next time, let VCDEasy analyse the MPEG files to have this warning before...
    pts start offset 0.223000 (max pts = 0.223000)
    playing time 0.000000
    scanning mpeg sequence item #0 for scanpoints...
    already scanned... not rescanning
    mpeg stream shorter than 75 sectors
    sequence items should contain a motion video stream!
    pbc: psd size 32 (extended psd 56)
    iso9660: highest alloced sector is 257 (using 300 as isosize)
    writing track 1 (ISO9660)...
    writing track 2, MPEG1, UNKNOWN (0x0/0.00fps), audio[0]: l2/44.1kHz/224kbps/stereo ...
    pos != buflen (2322 != 2324)
    MPEG packet statistics: 1 video, 0 audio, 0 zero, 0 ogt, 0 unknown
    writting post-gap ('leadout pregap')...
    finished ok, image created with 676 sectors [00:09.01]

    [CDRDAO Disk Info]
    Cdrdao version 1.1.7
    ASPI: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\WnAspi32.dll
    0,1,0: MATSHITA CD-RW CW-7585 Rev: 1.04
    Using driver: Generic SCSI-3/MMC - Version 2.0 (options 0x0000)
    That data below may not reflect the real status of the inserted medium. Reload the medium in this case.
    CD-RW: YES
    Total Capacity: 74:58:00 (337350 blocks, 658/756 MB)
    CD-R medium: CMC Magnetics Corporation
    Short Strategy Type, e.g. Phthalocyanine
    Recording Speed: 0X - 4X
    CD empty: YES

    [CDRDAO Write]
    WARNING: During writing you should avoid to open the Windows Explorer and similar tools
    WARNING: CDRDAO does not lock the recording device so that all access action from the Explorer will lead to a failure of the recording process.
    Cdrdao version 1.1.7
    ASPI: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\WnAspi32.dll
    WARNING: Track 2: Length is shorter than 4 seconds.
    ERROR: The toc check function detected at least one warning.
    ERROR: If you record this toc the resulting CD might be unusable
    ERROR: or the recording process might abort with error.
    ERROR: Use option --force to ignore the warnings.
    ERROR: Toc file "C:\temp for me\videocd.cue" is inconsistent.
    ERROR: Note that CDRDAO troubles are often related to the use of an inadequate driver...
    ERROR: You may have a bad CDRDAO driver in the CDRDAO settings page.
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    By the way, it is a 25 minute file (not 4 seconds!), 352x480 MPEG1, 3000K bitrate
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