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  1. when you guys say you're got dead they not function at all, or just the DVD burning doesn't work, or what? i've only burned a couple DVD's so far, and have had no problems, but i want to know what symptoms to watch out for since i don't use the drive every day.
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  2. They usually start out with a fever, followed by swelling of the earphone jack. Watch out for any unusual liquids leaking from the drive. If there is any, obstain from any sexual activity until you can take the drive over to the computer repair shop.
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  3. Most people I think will not be able to burn any thing. Or the drive will drop dead and just die. I my self think Pioneer makes a better drive then Sony. The Sony DRU500AX is picky of what media it like's to burn as with my AO4 it can burn any thing. If you or any friend's have the DRU500AX test it out with Khpermedia or Memorex DVD-R if you can not burn it you have a bad drive or it's just buggy. For me I want no bug's so that said I love Pioneer.
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