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Poll: I Label My Disks With......

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  1. I label my Discs with a Oxy-Acetoline Welding Torch.
    Cendyne/Pioneer 105 & 104 with a Dazzle* Hollywood DV-Bridge.
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  2. I prefer the CD Stomper labels (glossy) for my DVD's No problems with playback - gets the label centered perfectly. I use Sure Thing label delux software for the label and DVD keep case insert.

    Sometimes use Sharpie when in an hurry.
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    Cryl.... nice... they must look real good, professional like (do you laminate over the top of the paper afterwards?)

    Doesn't anyone here use that Yamaha disc t@2 thing? I wanna know if you can make the patterns in the same space as the recorded music/data, or if you have to lose a big chunk of minutes/megabytes in order to get a readably wide strip. Interesting tech but might be ultimately of little use!
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    Back after a long time away, mainly because I now need to start making up vidcapped DVDRs for work and I haven't a clue where to start any more!
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  4. Lose disk space and requires a dark media side to see it. IE good idea if it was 1998 or 99 but 2002 was a dud.
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  6. I don't write on my DVDs, because I am afraid the marker may bleed through and eventually damage the disc. I am not being paranoid -- this kind of thing can happen!
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  7. Originally Posted by arcorob
    Not to be anal but about a year or so ago after starting with VCD's, I bought Amaray style cases (the nice two DVD type) , a copy of Media Face II and Click and Design 3D.

    When I make a movie, I uses CLick and Design 3D to make the labels on 2UP labels I bought on EBAY (MUCH CHEAPER THAN THE STORE - I HAVE 1000 labels for the cost of about 50 or 100).

    I use Media Face II to make the covers for the cases.

    I get the pictures from AMAZON.COM by looking up the movie, viewing the larger size POSTER and viola, I SAVE PICTURE AS....

    They Look like the originals.

    Now I do the same thing but using DVD's more than VCD's so I also have the single disk AMARAY cases.

    Note - Any of tha tstuff, cases, labels, paper, buy on EBAY, it is MUCH cheaper
    That's exactly what I do except I didn't get the 2up labels on eBay. BTW I have labeled over 300 DVD's and not one has had any problems in anyones player.
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    I also label my disc's and use full cases with inserts. I scan and print Inserts via NERO [the one thing it does correctly] on the Data Becker template with Costco glossy photo-paper. And use
    Neato 2ups with the old software not Media II but the old original Neato software.
    I won't wast the space for the insert pics but they look like store bought even when done @ normal printer settings.

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  9. My labels also look Good and I also include in small 9pt text the following information.

    What program I used like DVD2on2 or DVDshrink.
    Star rating of the movie.
    Type of DVDR media used.
    Category of the movie like Comedy or Drama.
    Year of the movie.
    Total time of movie.
    Aspect ratio and audio format like Dolby 5.1.
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