hi erveryone,

the problem: i want to capture simpsons episodes to archive them on svcd. as long as i capture the vid at 480x576/yuv2 there`s no problem, but if i wanna capture at 480x576/rgbX or 720x576/X there`s a lotta "flickering" even when there`s little, very little motion. this "flickering" are horizontal lines appearing on the screen, not only around the moving objects but everywhere on the screen and no, that`re not interlacing artifacts... btw, doenst matter which capture program i use, they appear in both aviio and virtual dub. the cpu usage is always below 100% and no frames dropped.. i know that somehow it has to work, because when the first times i tried it, it worked...
any help or suggestions very appreciated.
my system:

abit kt7a/duron700
128mb mushkin rev3
teles 16.3isdn/isa
s3virge/dx 4mb videocard/pci
sb live player 1024/pci
dxr3 /w latest hollywood+ drivers
wintv theater with latest drivers installed
ibm dtla-307030

thanks, ben..