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  1. hello gurus

    i am trying to conver a dvd already on my hdrive and it plays well.
    when i convert using dvdx i get sharp picture at 1300 kbps using divx 5.0 but the sound is always off sync.
    sometimes a bit ahead, sometimes a little bit behind.
    i've done it and re-done it but no good.
    anyone know the symptom and a solution ?
    thank you in advance for your help

    PS: i searched the forum but found no positive answer.
    thank you again
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  2. You're Title and Post are confusing, you are asking about VCD and then you
    give settings of DivX, you asked about DVD2AVI, and in the post you reffer
    to DVDx, please make up your mind so people can know what to tell you.
    Email me for faster replies!

    Best Regards,
    Sefy Levy,
    Certified Computer Technician.
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  3. ok. you're right

    step by step

    1) use dvdxtractor to get the vob
    2) open the vob with dvdx 2.0 and convert to divx codec ver 5.0
    3) result : sound off sync

    if i play on the dvdx player the sound is spot on.
    please give me some hints as i ran out of options.
    thank you

    PS. incidentally, using dvd2svcd got the same result.
    good image quality but the sound was also off sync
    P IV 1.7
    512 MB RamBus
    HDD IBM 7 200 rpm norton organized
    GF 3 asus V 8200
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  4. So, to make a long story short, you want to create a DivX file and not a VCD
    or SVCD ? for one, there are specific DVD to DivX guides which can help you
    out, both here, and you might also want to try and [/url][/url] and i'm sure there are plenty of others.

    Either way, i'm not familiar myself with DivX, so just wait awhile and some of
    the other big guns here will come and assist you, just hang on tight!
    Email me for faster replies!

    Best Regards,
    Sefy Levy,
    Certified Computer Technician.
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  5. that is correct.

    divx from a dvd/ vob file made with dvdxtractor
    no success regarding sound. always off sync
    thank you

    PS: I followed all the guides. thank you
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