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  1. concerning the Australian Massive Pack that comes with the DVD thing (also 20gig hd and accepts cd-r audio cds) I wanted to know if there were a DVD Region Hack.

    I tried a search, but it's been disabled.

    I got Stigmata region 1, but the Xbox only accepts region 4 (and i think 2)
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  2. I'm not sure what is involved with the Massive Pack, but if your XBox is chipped (if it accepts CD-R disc then it may be) you can download (I'm not allowed to say where) a program called DVD-X. You load that into your XBox and then you can play any region DVD.

    Failing that you can just go the fully legal route of purchasing DVDX (not the same prgram, but the same name) from Datel. You stick the dongle into one of the controller ports and insert their CD and load it up. From there you choose your region and put in your DVD. There you have it.
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  3. ok thanks a lot

    Is there a way to check if it's chipped without opening it (because I highly doubt that it is chipped)
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  4. If you can play back-ups of your games on DVD-R then it is chipped. If not, then it's not chipped. Look into chips from there. You can buy one that just screws into your X-Box. One screw and then you're good to go.
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  5. whoever came up with the idea to make different region dvds/dvd players is inbred, why do we have to suffer?
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  6. Originally Posted by fk that man View Post
    why do we have to suffer?
    What an apt question....

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