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  1. Hey,

    I'm new here and I was wondering if there are any free programs out there that will let you convert from a .m2v or .mov file to a .mpeg file. If there is, what is it called, where do I download it and how do I use it? Thanks in advance for any help!

    -Bronze Unicorn
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  2. Bronze Unicorn,

    I'm kinda new to this too but I can get you pointed in the right direction. I'm not sure about .mov files but can help you out with the .m2v file. If you don't already know, the .m2v file is the video portion of an MPEG-2 movie without the audio, otherwise known as an elementary stream. You mention that you want to create a .mpeg file. Is this mpeg-1 or mpeg-2? If it's mpeg-2 you can use TMPGEnc program to "mux", or bring together, the .m2v file and a separate audio track to create the .mpeg file. You didn't mention anything about the audio track but I assume you have one. If you want to create a mpeg-1 file, you'll probably have to reencode the .m2v file to convert it from mpeg-2 to mpeg-1. Another possibility is that mpeg-1 is a subset of mpeg-2 so depending on how the .m2v file is encoded there may be an easy way to turn it into mpeg-1 (although I'm not sure on how to do it). Search around on this forum and see if you find anything.

    Anyways, to sum up I would look into the TMPGEnc program to start with. It can be found under the "tools" section on the left.

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