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    got some mpgs saved with a PVR digital satellite receiver. Demultiplexed and patched them with DVDPatcher 1.05 (they are 480x576 PAL, patched as 352x576).
    Trying now to import them in SpruceUp, but at half process (the position changes on each file) I get "Parsing error". Ok, there are some bad frames. How the hell do I clean these files ?? And in general, how do you clean corrupted Mpeg files (Mpeg1 and 2)...??
    Tried M-1Edit, the transcode function. No way.
    Tried VCDGear, the fix mpeg errors function. No way.
    Tried Mpeg Corrector. As above.
    There should be a sw out there that recognizes bad frames and overwrite them with the previous one or the next one....or do I have to write it ??


    PS: Using another Authoring sw (I have here DVDMaestro and DVD Workshop) could be a workaround ?? Do these sw perform a different check on the imported files ??
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    After a re-encoding video job I got a parsing error in DVDMaestro as well.

    Solution: "re-encode the video again."

    You could also try saving the video into another format and then back to the original format, it's worth the try.

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