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  1. Guest
    People have reported this program buggy and crashing.

    Right click on the program or a link
    choose properties
    Display Settings
    Run in 256 colors

    Problem fixed: no more crashing!
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  2. the program is VERY unstable from my personal experience, however, I love it. It really allows a person to break down the individual vobs and cells. Thanks for the info. robw, is this information from your experience or from something you read?
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  3. Guest
    from my personal experience. With the above fix the program has NEVER crashed on me. I am using Win XP Prof on a Pentium IV.
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  4. very interesting, I wish I would of known of this problem sooner because I prefer using VOBRATOR over DVD2AVI for several reasons, but the instability has caused me to use it much less. Thanks for the "fix." I will try it out tomorrow and let you know how well it works. But from the way it sounds, it will work great. I too am running a PIV, but with Windows XP SP1.
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