Ok I wasn't sure where to put this question but it does pertain to vcdeasy as well as some other burning programs

I got a new computer and don't seem to have aspi drivers.I tried to install nero and vcdeasy and both programs complained about not having any aspi drivers on my computer. I took it to bestbuy and they told me it was because I tried to put nero and vcdeasy on my computer and that I would have to re-install all the startup/ recovery software that came with the laptop. Also my computer came with windows media player and realone player, both have the ability to burn cds but not vcds. I however have not used either program yet to burn any cds. I downloaded the drivers from a link from the tools section but still no luck.

My questions are
1. Should window's media player or realone come with the aspi drivers
2. DO all computers need to have aspi drivers? (My burner is not on the aspi driver list)

Please help I am totally confused I have never had this problem on any other computer that I have owned.

Thanks in advance