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    DVD2ONE Authoring TV Episode Disks

    This method allows you to author a TV episode disk useing DVD2ONE primarily as the MPEG transcoder. The method is a little convoluted,but
    does work.

    Programs used-DVD Decrypter-Ifoedit-DVD2ONE-Vobedit-DV Tool-Tmpeg-Spruceup

    This example will use a Star Trek TNG disk but it can be applied to any TV episode disk.

    The TNG disks have four episodes contained in eight vob files controlled by one ifo file.

    1.) Rip the eight vob files containing the four episodes to a directory on your HD

    2.) Use Ifoedit to create a set of ifo files for the eight vob's,your must create them as one PGC,that way DVD2ONE
    will see the four episodes as one long movie.

    3.) Start DVD2ONE and load the directory you created in step #2

    4.) Select the output directory for DVD2ONE.

    5.) Now select only the 192 bitrate audio stream for transcodeing,this will assure the maximum bitrate for the video stream. Also include all the
    subtitle streams. they won't be used in the final directory but will provide
    "padding' to ensure the final directory will fit on the DVD-r.

    6.) Let DVD2ONE trancode,you should wind up with a new directory of 4.36Gb's,it cannot be more.

    7.) Open Vobedit and load the first vob from step #6,select demux into cells and demux complete title set.

    8.) Vobedit will create a set vob cells containing the four episodes,identify which cells represent each episode.

    9.) Load each set of cells for each episode into DV Tool and merge into one new vob.

    10.) Repeat step #9 for each of the four episodes.

    11.) Load each of the new episode vob's into Tmpeg and demux into .m2v and .ac3 streams.

    12.) This step is optional. On the DVD disk is vob,VTS_02_0.VOB,it contains the menu screens that the DVD plays.
    Play this file in PowerDVD until you see the episode selection screen.
    Capture that menu to a BMP file and move that BMP into the backgrounds directory of SpruceUp.
    This makes the DVD menu sreen available as menu background in SpruceUp.

    13.) Start SpruceUp,select the menu screen you created in step #12. Place and resize a button on each
    episode on the menu screen. Import each of the four episodes into SpruceUp and then associate each
    episode with a button.

    14.) Then have SpruceUp complie a title set,with the simple menu the directory will be 4.37GB's.

    15.) Burn it with Nero or any other burning program.
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  2. uh . . . I think I will wait until DVD2One or Pinnacle InstantCopy does the 1:1 copy. Too much work, too complicated.
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    Two observations:

    After step 2, you must re-name the VOB's to corrispond to the new IFO that IFOEdit created, or else DVD2ONE will give you an error.

    Also, there is a method worked out to retain the original menus, w/o re-authoring.

    Check here under forums and DVD2ONE:
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  4. Ok I'm having a bit of trouble with this towards the end. Everything goes smoothly until the end with SpruceUp, I receive a temporal reference in GOP error every time. What am I doing wrong? I've searched the web pretty extensively, but just don't have the knowledge to find the answer to this problem. Please help.
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