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  1. I'm using tmpegenc 12h, and am trying to add subtitles to a vcd. i made the subtitles and everything, but when i try to frameserve using virtualdub, tmpeg says it cant open the vdr file b/c it's an unsupported file format. can anyone help me out?
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    Well I had 2 problems when starting to use frame serving for subbing stuff so hopefully one of them is what you've got since they're easy to fix.

    If your input .avi is motion jpg (many cards capture to this format) you have to tweak some stuff. Just check out: down near the bottom where it talks about "If you have problem open DV video, DC30+,MJPEG captured video or any AVI VFW ..."

    Another problem might be that you have to manually add the .vdr extension to you frame served file name. It says you can just put xxx.avi but I've found it yells at me if I don't call it xxx.vdr.
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  3. As has been mentioned already, check out the help section on this site for problem solving frameserving. Also, do a search on the forum as this is a common problem and has been addressed many times.

    First you need to be sure the VFAPI plug-in is loaded. This is available with the TMPGEnc download and must be installed. For me, I then had to change the priority setting in the environment section of TMPGEnc. To do this, you click Option > Environment Setting > VFAPI Setting then right click on the item to be changed. Since this tweak, I've had zero problems and love frameserving.

    Good luck
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