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  1. Hi,

    I try to rip a SVCD disk using VCDEasy (tried a few versions, including 1.1.4).

    In "Tools" section, SVCD Build/Rip, Dissassamble a SVCD disk there are 3 sources to choose: CD Reader, CD Writer, CD Image File. Only CD Image is active, the first two are greyed out. Is it normal? Should I create an image file first? I could do it with Nero, but I'm not sure what reading options are OK for making an image of SVCD disk.


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  2. Here's what you gotta do
    open vcdeasy
    go to settings
    in the vcdeasy part, check the 'enable cdrdao integration' box
    (you will need a valid aspi, see for details)
    restart vcdeasy
    go to settings, in the cdrdao part, configure your cd reader
    restart vcdeasy again
    go to tools
    your cd reader should be accessible now
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