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  1. I have a Panasonic RV-32K DVD player. If I burn a VCD using Nero or VCDEasy, while playing it my DVD player says "PBC Play" instead of the current min/sec location, and doesn't let me fast forward/rewind. If I disable PBC in VCDEasy, then it works fine, but I lose the interactive features. Is there a way to have the interactive features, while still being able to ff/rw?

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    I have a RV-32k also. You can turn off PBC on the RV-32k. You could do it manually thru the menu or I believe if you hit the return key it will go off. But you will still lose the interactive features which means you ain't losing much. Personally, I just burn without any PBC. Put the disk on the tray and hit play and everything works, rewind and all. I don't need chapters and all that, I just want to watch the movie. But that's just me.
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