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  1. Mine doesn't have the DTS Decoder built in. I just rip all the stuff I do with the Dolby Audio and it comes out fine
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  2. Is you reciever DTS compatible? Have you ever played a DTS sound track on it?

    I just used DVD2ONE on ET the other day. I selected the DTS sound track and all played well. The video was excellent and the DTS was superb.[/quote]

    yeS its DTS compatible (Kenwood VR6050)
    It's possible i didnt even pick DTS and just thought i did. I did it again with movie i can, i will try DTS again
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    8) hi guys am indebited to this forum for showing me dvd2one,if just bloody fantastic ,quality my a@@,it works ,if some of the cavemen out there want to keep following the 14/15/!!! who cares steps to ceating dvd rips good luck to them, i don,t the thing works ,i just recopyed die another day/was unable to do so using either passi or record now max ,use dvd decrypter,dvd2one ,nero ,and the end product fantastic (for those wonderful people from f.a.c.t who may read this ,the copy is mine
    so bugger off ) dvd2one things can only get better
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  4. Tried the demo on a good pice of Anime and was shocked at how close it got! Animation is the worset to compress due to the sharp edges so the bitrate must be higher than normal to keep from messing up.

    Dident the creator created a set of tools years ago for the Creative DVD 2x kits? His name sound familer.
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  5. i have to say i am truely impressed with this software. i have done lotr windtalkers matrix mummy returns etc. i am amazed of the speed of this and the quality. they look just like the orginals form a store. can't wait to see what the update brings. no more CCE for me. dvd2one all the way.
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  6. Be intersting if the guys that did both DVDcriptor and DVD2One got to gether. One ring to rule them all!

    If DVD2One get menus etc wow!
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  7. I just have to say, I have done many back ups with DVD2ONE and I am ear to ear smiles!!!

    I just wish it would allow me to cram 2 movies onto one DVD...
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  8. Originally Posted by deedee
    dvd2one things can only get better
    Yeah, perhaps if they had an option to use CCE with 4 passes. The fact is you loose alot of quality with DVDOne, some can put up with it whilst others can't.

    If you want a different but easy way to backup dvd-9's then use this guide Once you have it setup (which is easy) it's a case of clicking a few buttons and then waiting.
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  9. Has anyone tried backing up Terminator 2 special edition with this program?

    Dvd Decrypter only highlights 2 vob files...obviously its not the whole movie...
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  10. romprod

    If we did as you suggested then this dvd2one will just become another DVD2DVDR.

    The appeal of DVD2one is it's speed and ease of use. If I wanted to do CCE 4 passes I would just crank up DVD2DVDR.
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