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  1. Hi Gang,

    It's a strange thing that happened... I must have installed something that no longer allows MPEG2 files to play on my PC. I can play MPEG1 files just fine, AVI and QuickTime works a treat but just not MPEG2.

    If ever I have a problem I can't resolve I confidently restore an earlier saved working partition image that I know has no problems but this time... MPEG2 still won't play?!

    If anyone has any idea why this would be the case, I'll shout you a beer if you come and visit me in Australia


    Fred Snerk

    PS. I tried re-exporting an MPEG2 from Premiere 6 and it still doesn't work.
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  2. When you open the mpeg2 file, do you still get the sound? Does your desktop change only to 16 bit color?

    If so, I had the same problem, but unfortunately did not figure out, so just reformatted and reinstalled.

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  3. Well, I figured if I installed a software MPEG2 player it may install the codec and after installing WinDVD it did the trick. MPEG2 files now play once again.

    I'm still stumped as to how it went from working to not working but now that everything is ok, I don't think I'll ponder over it any more


    Fred Snerk.
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