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  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if a few fellow members might be able to confirm my observations concerning the DVR-105, or more specifically, the one rebadged by Cendyne.

    This drives ejection mechanism is pretty much silent when compared to my Lite-On dvd-rom but my concern is with a clicking sound the drive makes upon closing the tray. Is this normal?

    And if possible, can someone make a small recording of this sound I speak of? The drive works well recording at all speeds and thats the main point but it's just that I'm very picky about my hardware :P

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  2. Withdrawn
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    Hey, i get a nice sounding double "cluck" on my Samsung. Sounds like a Merc. C-Class.
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  4. PhilipL, thanks for going into detail explaining this. It all makes sense now.

    Keith: :P

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