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  1. I'm using WinXP SP-1 and when i try to play a particular movie i get this message: "ClassFactory Cannot Supply Requested Class" and doesn't play the movie.

    All other movies i try to play (DivX or mpg) play perfectly.

    Curious thing is that i have a dual boot system WinXP/Win98 and under Win98 it plays well.

    I have the same codecs installed under both systems: DivX 5.0.2, Xvid, AC3 codec etc.

    What do you think this could be? How can i solve it?

    Thanx a lot.
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  2. was searching for this problem but i didn't find any answers.

    i have the same problem as Liru and i'm running winxp pro. how can we fix this?
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  3. i also played it on divx player. media player is a bit more prone to this classfactory problem
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  4. I am also getting this `class reqest` message, on some mpg`s.
    And i`ve only started getting them in the last few weeks, i still run win98, so it`s not an xp problem.
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  5. You have to install "ACE Mega codecs pack". It is the best combo-codec and it works.
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  6. I also seem to be receiving this same error just recently when trying to playback some .AVI files that I downloaded. I have never had this problem before when playing any .AVI file.

    I used GSPOT to check the file and it says I have like 5 compatible codecs installed.

    I installed the ACE MEGA CODECS PACK as you suggested .....lancelot... Even after installing the codec pack it still gave the same error.....??????

    Any advice on my problem????

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