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  1. Hi

    I dunno if this is a prob with Ulead or my convesion. what i'm trying 2 do is put divx onto dvd.

    The stages I go thru are decrompress sound if then run through tmpeg to make mpg.

    settings are NTSC CBR 6000bpr 3.5gig. full screen(keep aspect ratio)

    after its converted i test t and the mpeg plays smooth as!

    Then i come to auther it in ulead2 make chapters etc etc

    after i burn it i play it and it plays ok but u see slow downs thru out the film and sometimes freezes for a few seconds. But the audio is always in sync.

    Have you guys come across this prob b4?

    any help is welocme

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  2. I burn with Nero and have never had any problems. I have Ulead create vob files then insert them into Nero, never had your problem doing that.
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