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  1. Okay, all you experts out there...I'd like to get as close to two hours as I can, of home video with audio onto a DVDR. I have MyDVD which came with my HP Burner, but I have to use the GOOD quality setting to fit it onto a single DVD. I don't want to drop the quality that drastically. What authoring software will allow me to either compress to Dolby Digital to reduce the file size (preferred, I think?) or reduce the bitrate to accomplish a better quality DVD with audio? I don't want to spend too much, but I'd like some nice looking menus too. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thank-you!

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  2. For authoring, get ulead dvd movie factory (heard that version 2 has motion menus and know that ver one is VERY easy to use: some people report a few problems with ver 2.0, read da forum
    and it's cheap
    TMPGenc is cheap and a very nice encoder, you can choose exactly how long the file will be (or how large if you prefer), the CBR setting is reasonable fast and the file size can even be made to fit a DVD-r or CD-R (Either size) and leave any space U want left over (ie, leave 150 MB or so for menu creation, background audio, etc; much more space if motion menus)
    and it's cheap

    TMPGenc has a LOT of guides here and a lot of experienced users and a 30 trial as well
    Ulead DVD Movie Factory (DVDMF) so simple no guide needed (except maby pointers for the weird stuff (CVD etc), and can even burn the damn files as well as author.
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