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  1. Hi, can anyone tell me if there is any problem with the last version of IFOEdit 0.95 when stripping? I know there is a problem with .M2V files and the time situation, but I was reading on a post a few weeks back and can't remember what forum, but the post basically said there was a KNOWN issue/bug with IFOEdit 0.95 and having the playback of authored movies studder or freeze. They reccomended getting an older version of IFOEdit, and other posters came back and said their problem was fixed with an older version. My question is that being that I am using IFOEdit to ONLY strip out extras such as multiple audio tracks and multiple or ALL subtitles, and then burning onto a DVD-/+R, will I have any problems with playback issues? I have checked most of my DVD-R's made that way and none of them have any playback issues...THANK GOD! I've had enough trouble and issues/coasters etc..already. But I am just curious if that problem is common or rare, and if it only has to do with actually authoring, meaning hitting the "author" button and importing your .M2V and .AC3 files, which I "DON'T" do anyway. I use Maestro for that. Also, I know another bug which was mentioned was that the same version of IFOEdit 0.95 shows version 0.94 in the upper corner, and mine shows 0.94, but I downloaded a link for 0.95, so I can verify that is a bug, but not a bug I care about. If someone can please give me any info on this potential HUGE problem, I would appreciate it. Thanks alot in advance.
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  2. ifoedit 095 is best version yet, used it for 20-30 dvd's lately,
    just dont forget to get vts sectors after you strip...
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  3. musher70: I would have to agree. I have only done about 10 disks, but it seems perfect. I wonder why people have attributed a bug to IFOEdit 0.95 with studders in playback, etc. Does your version of IFOEdit 0.95, say 0.94 on the top? That was also another known bug on the forum where I read that, and sure enough, mine does say 0.94.
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  4. I got 095, used 92/94, but things werent working right,
    not stable, but that was before i reallly created my own
    steps...had been using 088,thought that was best until
    i learned that 095 automatically shifts main vobs to the
    first spot like"vts_01_1.vob",cause i drop menu's so they
    play in all my players,also getting into re-encoding now
    and its just simplier that way then making coasters....
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  5. musher: What version is IFOEdit showing when you double click it? In the LEFT/UPPER hand corner, when you double click it, it should tell you a version. What version does it say?
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