I will say that I am not at all happy with my recent purchase with Ulead. I figured since version 1.0 was the best I had used to date, 2.0 would only improve upon that. I was wrong. Here are some problems maybe one of you know solutions for.

1st: Having some trouble with the Disc Management Templates. For example I want to "Keep Aspect Ratio" while encoding however any user settings are all grayed out. Even if I try to create a new Disc Template in the manager those settings are STILL grayed out. What is the deal? Anyone know how to get those active???

2nd: I am trying to create chapters for an MPEG-2 DVD file. Upon setting everything up to burn in MovieFactory 2.0, it finishes up multiplexing then bombs saying this "Some Chapter Entry Frames Exceed Total Frames" [93006:1:0] This file was encoded using TMPGEnc because I can't encode with MF2 because the Maintain aspect ratio is locked.

So I guess for now I will go back to MF1. At least it worked with little to no grief. Until I get some answers I'm tired of losing my hair.. Thanks for any help.