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  1. Thanks to a few members here I finally got some newly encoded SVCDs put onto DVD using spruceup. Now I have another prob. Since I am doing the encoding myself I don't feel the need to encode to SVCD and then re-encode the audio to 48 after, I just edited the SVCD template in TMPEGenc to 48 right away. But now I have a problem. The template is set to 23FPS (which has always worked for SVCD's that are compatible with my stand alone player) but half of the new files are seen as 29FPS and half are 23FPS. Spruce up does not seem to like the 23FPS files.

    Unless someone can see what is going wrong from the above, let me just ask:

    Is there a way to patch the header or trick Spruce up into changing the FPS to 29FPS?

    Why doesn't SpruceUp accecpt 23fps?
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  2. NTSC (NTSC Film)

    up to 9,8 Mbit/sec MPEG-2 or MPEG-1
    720 x 480 pixels
    352 x 240 pixels (VCD Standard)
    352 x 480 pixels (CVD Standard)
    29,97 frames/second
    24 frames/second with 3:2 pulldown (NTSC Film)
    use pulldown.exe (from the tools section) to convert your 23.97fps SVCD's to 29.97fps (equivalent anyway, it just adds some flags to the data stream to tell your player which fields to repeat to achieve 29.97fps)

    23.97fps is not valid for DVD.
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    Why do you not convert to standard dvd directly? you can use lower resolution in dvd (352x480) if you prefer that. And if the source is 23,976 use 23,976 with 3:2 pulldown when playback in tmpgenc and it will be reckognized as 29,976 fps in all author tools. (if you use the wizard it will be 23,976 with 3:2 pulldown automatically = film movie)
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  4. What is the size and quality compared to SVCD? I usually use CQ 65 in SVCD and it looks really good, with file sizes at 700MB to 1.2GB per movie. My goal is to fit 3 or 4 movies on 1 DVDR.
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