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  1. Hi,

    Right now I've spent several hours to find this: how (with which application) can I convert a .srt subtitle file to the .ssa format ?

    Hoping to get some help here =)

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  2. I use a little program called.....SubAdjust155.exe
    hope this helps Good
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  3. Thanks for you fast reply ! It seems to work.
    But I still have a problem..
    I'm trying to add subs to a divx using VirtualDub and TEMPGEnc. Everything goes fine until I've done the Frameserve. I have to open the *.vdr file in TEMPGEnc (within Video Source), but when I select the .vdr, TEMPGEnc just locks-up.

    Anyone else experiencing these problems ? And, even better, is there a solution for this ?
    What am I doing wrong ?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Maybe one of the things I mentioned here: but I have a bad feeling it's a different kind of problem.
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