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  1. can some one help me to make cdi or vcd for my cdi
    i wanted to play movies on my cdi
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    Firstly you should have a slight plan on where you are getting your movies from. Do you intend to rip a DVD (copy the DVD), do you intend on copy a VCD or do you intend on capturing movies yourself off a TV,VCR etc? When you know what you want you should then go to the "how to" section of this site. People have made easy understable guides (some even with detailed pictures) to help you through the process. If there is something you then don't understand ask in this forum - and don't be afraid to ask!
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  3. If you want your VCDs to be CD-i compatible (which they should be if they are compliant), you must include the CD-i application when burning your VCD (this option is avaiable in WinOnCD, Nero and Easy CD Creator).

    If you are using VCDImager, you must manually include the CD-i app. If this is the case for you, post again and I'll tell you how to do it.

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