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    can you use easy cd creator 4 or 5 and just drop mpeg 2 files into the layout, or do you have to use a different burning software? also does anyone know if there is a special way that you have to convert divx avi's to mpegs in order to make them playable on a vcd? TMPGEnc doesn't seem to like them
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  2. ezcd can't make svcds. if you want simple svcds, you *can* use nero, where all you have to do is like you said, drop the mpg2 files into the svcd layout.
    complex menus and such however will require iauthor, though it may be difficult to find.
    there's also a neat little tool called vcdimager [tho i personally have never used it] that makes a ready to burn bin/cue from your mpg2 files.

    for you convert question, check the CONVERT section under HOW TO, for divx -> vcd.
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