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  1. Over time I have captured movies and have saved them in MPEG2. I want to "copy" them onto DVDrs. Every program I have used always re-encodes them.

    Why can I find a program to "convert" them to IFO, VOB... etc... instead of re-encoding them from MPEG2 to MPEG2? Its very frustrating.....
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    Let us get this clear : if your mpeg 2 complies with DVD specs, i.e. 720/480 in NTSC or 720/576 in Pal, both having 48000Hz sound, then you DON'T have to rencode.Just drop your files in SPRUCE and the latter will turn out a VIDEO_TS file ready to burn to DVD(playable also on desktop DVD player).
    Glad to help more if needed
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