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  1. Hi, I'm making a DVD with DVDMaestro, and I did a multiangle clip that currently works quite well on my standalone player, switching angles with the ANGLE button on the remote controller.

    However, I wanted to go one step further, and added a subpicture to the video clip with interactive buttons, so that the viewer can switch angles through some navigable buttons at the bottom of the screen. I placed the buttons and the subpicture with no problem, and then I turned on the option "Set Angle to X" in every button, but since I don't want the video to jump or skip, I left the target of the button blank. This way, the video plays well and I can switch angles with the buttons on mouse-based computer players like PowerDVD, where I don't have to navigate the buttons with cursors.

    However, on my standalone player, I can navigate at first and press ENTER at the button I wish, but then the button freezes in the "Action" state (with the action color state), and I can no longer navigate. The angle switches corectly, but I can't change more than once since I can't select another button later. I can wait until the clip ends or press MENU and start again, but I would like to switch angles with the buttons the number of times I want.

    Anyone knows how to do it?. I guess the key is what I put as the target of the buttons in the subpicture, in addition of telling them to switch the current angle. I've tried to link the buttons to a command sequence with a NOP, but it seems to crash the player. I've also tried to change the angle manually with a Command Sequence, but it behaves the same way. And neither linking to a Resume target nor the video itself works either (it restarts playing).

    Thanks for reading and for your help.
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