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  1. Just got my dru500a and will be installing ASAP. I 'm trying to decide whether or

    not to install RecordNow, then upgrade to RecordNow DX. If the upgrade makes it similar to Max 4.5 then I'll probably go for it based on the positive comments I've read in the forums.

    Thanks alot !
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  2. not believe so. one is called max and the other is DX.
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    I upgraded to the free DX version, and then paid the money to upgrade that to the Max version.

    I honestly can't tell the difference! Other than DLA comes with the Max version, but you can get that free as well.

    I did not have the DX version long enough to accurately compare the two, but I'm happy with the Max version, and have dumped EZCD/Direct CD in favor or RecordNow Max & DLA.
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  4. Thanks colday for the reply !
    I don't care too much about having DLA or any packet-writing software. I guess I'll give DX a shot .
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