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  1. I have been using DVD MovieFactory v1.0 for some time and I like it but there are some limitations as I'm sure most of you have experienced. I was wondering if anyone has used the latest version 2.0? There is currently no trialware as of this post.
    Thanks in advance.
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  2. I purchased it on it's first day out. It has a lot of new features (visit their website for a list)

    Many have reported problems burning with 2 where ver. 1 worked fine. I have the Sony 2nd gen external drive, no problems burning.

    I have no real problems with the program. Their support is terrible, so expect to figure this program out by yourself (virtually none of the features are explained in the manual)

    There is no telling when the trial will be available. The program has many benefits, (much better rendering, I don't need TMPGenc anymore).

    For $44 not a bad upgrade, but I sort of miss the simplicity of version 1.
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  3. Well I went out and bought a copy of 2.0 for myself. I do like it I must admit. My only problem at this time is that I can't seem to unlock the "Keep Aspect Ratio" section of the Disc Template Manager. It may be something really easy and I feel kinda dopey not being able to figure it out. Any suggestions?
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