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  1. ok, that's really a statemnet, not a question. : )
    but anywho, i tried to burn a vcd in nero yesterday and it stated that the file isn't compliant for vcd or someting. it is in mpeg format. is mpeg1 a different format or something? please help and thanks in advance.
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    I'm sure Nero said why it wasn't compliant. Mpegs, even Mpeg1 format files come in all "shapes and sizes". If you check "what is a VCD" on this site you will see the specifications you need to make a VCD. The frame size, frames per second, the frequency etc. Check again what Nero didn't like and report back to us.
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  3. To make a VideoCD with Nero, you must have an mpeg1 file. However, not just any old mpeg1 file will do. It has to have certain characteristics. The characteristics are:

    Must be mpeg1
    352x240 (NTSC) @ 29.97 frames-per-second
    352x240 (NTSC-FILM) @ 23.976 fps
    352x288 (PAL) @ 25 fps
    bitrate must be 1152 kilobits-per-second
    audio must be 224 kbps

    There are also several other less obvious settings that have to be present. The end result is that you need to have a piece of software that has specific settings for creating VCD-compatible mpeg1 files. Examples are TMPGEnc (, bbMPEG (, Panasonic Encoder. Also, MediaStudio Pro 6.0 and VideoStudio 5.0 from Ulead ( can create VCD-compatible files.

    Hope this helps.

    - digvid
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  4. Turn off the option "Make standard compliant vcd" (or an option which sounds like that) and make the VCD. It will play on DVD players which supports burns vcds.
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