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  1. I'm just asking those guys out there who have knowledge about the 105, l have already the 104 which burns perfectly for me using my Verbatim dvd-r for movies etc. l will be buying four 105's to work as hardware in a stack l know they burn at 4 speed etc and media is an issue as we seach for compatability, however l will only need to burn at 2 speed using Verbatim's are the 105's set up ok to run or is there firmware needed for them to operate or will l be able to just carry on with my proven format from the 104?
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  2. I just got mine in and as soon as I get some verbatims in I will let u know. only ? is why upgrade to 105 if u will only burn at 2X. If u wait price of the burners and the media will go down and all the issues of compatibility should be worked out.
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    they will work fine
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  4. BJ_M nice to hear from you, and your simple reply gives me the confidence to go ahead and buy knowing that l won't have a problem.
    Gandyman, thanks for your reply l need to gain additional writers and the pioneer 105 is the latest and is a great improvement on (paper) than it's 104. The reasons of fasting burning a smarter laser etc is why l will get them, l need to buy four more drives anyway so l will opt for these and so long as they will burn at two speed at present with my Verbatims then fine no big problems for me l will be more than happy. Clearly they will offer the ability to burn faster with 4 speed media which l shall sit back and wait until they get right............Basically to sum it up l'll wait for Verbatim to release there 4x Media then l should be O.K
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