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  1. I've got several SVCD MPG2s that I encoded with TMPGEnc. They don't ff/rw correctly and give me "mpeg user scan data" error messages in vcdimager. I've gathered that demuxing and remuxing in bbmpeg might fix these problems.

    So I demux in TMPGEnc, try to load the .m2v in bbmpeg and get an error message -- it won't load.

    Any ideas?

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  2. You're starting the AVI2MPG2 program and just clicking the Start Encoding button without specifying anything else on the main screen aren't you ? All the multiplexing is done from the bbMpeg popup window.

    Otherwise, what's the error message ?
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  3. Oh...

    Nope. I was trying to "Add" the file to the project list.

    Working perfectly now that I'm doing it right.
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  4. I get the same error when trying to add. Is BBMpeg the best muxer that fixes the FF/RW problem?
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    I've made XVCDs that had the same problem in TMPGEnc. All I had to do was demultiplex and then multiplex in TMPGEnc and somehow the resulting file was fine. Another way to do it to save time is just to encode the audio (.mp2) and video (.mv1) seperately and to multiplex them in TMPGEnc afterwards. The same *should* apply to SVCDs but I don't make those sinc emy player isn't compatible.
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