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  1. NAPA DAV11: Jerky video playback with DVD2VCD ripps

    Hello all,

    I am having problems playing DVD ripps with the NAPA DAV 11. Retail VCD’S burned too CDR plays fine on all different types of media on this player. I am beginning to think there is a compliancy problem or muxxing issue with my DVD ripps.

    Software used for my ripping process:

    DVD2AVI frameserverd to Panasonic 2.51 @ 29.97 fps video only.

    Audio done with Panasonic separately, then muxxed together with BBMPEG.

    Finally burned with NERO, yes NERO tells me this is a white book file…

    If anyone has had similar problems with this player and knows of a fix it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for the time.
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  2. why not use flask to encode to avi from vob? if so, let flask choose the fps, even if it says 23.97. hope this helps.


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  3. use a video bitrate of 1123 instead of 1150 and that should take care of it. (yes it's still compliant this way). there's a long, long thread on making the NAPA players work better, so look for it, it's full of ideas. and yes, if at all possible, keep your source at 23.97 or 24fps too.
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  4. Thanks
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