I have some video that I have edited on the panasonic DMR-HS2. I'd like to add titles to it (It's a string of interviews, so I want to superimpose the name/credentials of the person being interviewed). Unfortunately the HS2 doesn't have those kinds of options.

So what should I do?

In addition to the HS2 I have a HP laptop that has a DVD-ROM drive capable of reading DVD-RAMs (but not writing to them, obviously). I don't have a firewire port, but that is not to say that I couldn't buy one.

And I'm not convinced that I really have the processing power/HDD space to do too much encoding/converting.

Is there a way (on a PC) of overlaying titles on video played directly off a DVD-RAM without reencoding or doing anything that takes longer than it would take to just play the video start to finish? I can play the videos directly off the DVD drive using Power DVD.

I'm not overly worried about quality here - if I got a firewire card, I might be able to persuade the PC to do a digital transmission back to the HS2, but I'm not too bothered if I have to settle with analog input back into the HS2 from the PC.

The key here has to be simplicity - even if I can do something correctly by reencoding to import it into a program like Ulead, I'd rather just edit on the fly