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  1. I AM TOTALLY LOST!! SO MANY BRANDS SO MANY DIFFERENTS STUFF TO LOOK AT!! and i don't even know if this is the place to post this.. lol.. neway..

    i was told that u shouldn't mix brands on a system (with system i mean the TV, VCR, DVD, SPEAKERS and the AV (even though i am not sure that's all u need)).. I was thinking of buying all from SONY,, but i want it to be able to play DVD's from any region.. and i heard that SONY's DVD's can't do that...

    so now that u see that I am LOST! and have no idea what to look in a system like the one i want to buy.. could u suggest ANYTHIGN!?!?! even a better place to post this??

    btw I live in Europe.. PAL system.. if that matters.. and price shouldn't be a worry.. i wanna buy a GOOD system,, not top notch, but surelly NOT the cheapest possible.. I WANT SOME QUALITY!

    well tks for any help! if u prefer to email me, feel free!

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    Buddy, for home stereos, cheap and quality aren't synonymous. For a beginner system (if you're somewhat an enthusiast), I'd suggest Denon. IMO, those are of acceptable quality. Of course, it's VERY subjective.
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    Ask the same question there and you'll get some really great answers!
    Magnus Jensen

    A.K.A Geezus
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  4. To limit your choices, look for ProLogic II capable receivers. I got my Onkyo 595 for ~$400.

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