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  1. have you ever miss calculated when re-encoding or had a film after taking everything out been just too big to fit on a dvdr.

    instead of re-encoding or even doing it again just cut out the credits.

    it takes 2 freeware programs (dvd2avi and vstrip) and about 15mins at the most.

    assuming you have the film in their vobs etc and ready to burn on your hard drive but just too big.

    open dvd2avi, press file then open.
    then in the new window select your last main movie vob and press open.
    then press ok in the next window.
    you should be able to see your film in the preview window now.
    drag the slider at the bottom to the point you want the film to end.
    once your happy press the ] button at the bottom right of the window.
    now press file then save project and name it whatever you like.
    let dvd2avi do its stuff then close it.

    you will have d2v file. open in notepad and write down the number or numbers and letters what are at the side of LOCATION, except the first zeros.

    open windows calculater and put it in scientific mode, then press HEX and type in your number you wrote down. then press DEC, it will change the number to a decimal number which we need for vstrip (write it down).

    open vstrip and press ADD and select your last vob again. now type in the decimal number where it says END LBA.

    now press the output tab at the top and under output name type whatever you want.

    press run.
    when its done close it down and then find the new file and rename it the same as your last vob then exchange them.

    try it out on your pc. and you will see its cut it where you wanted and probably cut it down 200mb or so.

    all information was learnt directly of ( vidhack).
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  2. well ok, if the movie is too big to fit on a dvd-r then it is a gooa odea to cut the credits out but i personall would re hire the movie and re convert it, it doesent take that long to encode but if it does for you then you have a slow CPU and you dont deserve a dvd burner and you have wasted your money....if you do cut the credits out, demux the audio and do a fade out at the end so it is smooth and so it doesent suddenly cut out, i hate that, it is just too tacky...well thats what i think
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  3. @loseyourself.

    because i have a very good system i never cut out the credits and try not to lose anything.

    their is a lot of newbies with slow systems out there who i think would be very gratefull for this guide.
    this is the reason i spent the time learning it and writing out the guide.

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