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  1. Do do video capture harddisk DMA should be on.

    I just switch one of the computer to win2k professional,
    and I did not find any setting on DMA checkbox or setting.

    Are they always on ? Or there is place that to turn it on ?
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  2. You can find out if DMA is on in Win 2k by goin to control panel>system>hardware tab>device manager>click the plus by IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers, then right click on the controller you want DMA enabled on and click properties>advanced settings. I had to download service pack 2 from the Windows 2000 website before DMA would work on my system so you might want to try that too.
    I hope this helps
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  3. Win2K automatically selects ultra-DMA for the hard drive if the hard drive supports it, unless you manually turn it off.
    Another way to check it is to test the drive capture speed with your video editing software (hope that it has that function), the read and write speeds are displayed on the screen. If they are greater than 20MB/sec, that's ultra-DMA for sure.
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  4. Thank you.

    In Win98, the DMA property are part ofg the drive.
    Look like they change it to controller related in WIN2K.
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