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  1. I decided to create this post to share experience (not hate) with Pinnacle Studio version 8 that might help some people. I will be adding as time goes to this.

    I think that this sofware is good for begginers because it is easy to use and can do all steps necessary to create DVD. Capture, Edit, Author and (next part is with some problems for my Sony DRU-500A) Burn. I use it for my home video that is captured by Sony DCR-TRV11 (Mini DV). Current version that I use is ( 83180 or Studio8 for search )

    New function SmartRender for mpeg2 files was introdused since version (I believe) 8.8. Now when you use MPEG2 file as source it will re-encode only edited parts. More info here
    Pinnacle Studio 8 and SmartRender of mpeg2 file

    Latest version as of (4/1/2003) (85210)
    Latest version as of (8/11/2003) 8.8.17 (8817)
    Latest version as of (22/10/2003) 8.10.4 (8104)

    Latest Beta version as of (06/01/2004) 8.12.0 (8120)
    Latest Beta version as of (23/01/2004) 8.12.2 (8122)

    Links to good sites that can help you with PS8
    Pinnacle Systems Discussion Forum - two monitors setup

    PC Setup
    -seperate partition just for Studio
    -Windows XP Home SP1 with all latest updates from (no other "latest" drivers)
    -PowerDVD, Nero, RecordNowDX installed too (nothing else)
    -AMD Athlon processor, VIA based motherboard, 3 Maxtor NTFS HDs
    -FireWire card from old Pinnacle's Studio DV

    Steps used to author DVD
    -Capture DV AVI's by Studio
    -Edit scenes by Studio
    -Create multiple DVD menus in Studio
    -Render to MPEG2 by Studio
    -Author (Make Disc) by Studio
    -Burn with Nero

    Options used to create (Make Disc) DVD
    -video with menus ~77min
    -Settings (DVD format, Custom 7000 kBits/sec, MPEG audio, Create disk content but don't burn)
    -final DVD total size 4,219,652 KB

    Codec that I use to create AVI file to prepare for another MPEG coder
    I found that "DV Video Encoder" is best for me for these reasons
    - it was captured with this codes so only transitions or otwherwise modified parts needs rendering, so it is much faster then any other. Rest is just copied from original AVI file (no loss of quality).

    How to make TMPGEnc to read Studio's AVI file
    In TMPGEnc Plus go to
    - Option / Enviromental setting / VFAPI plug-in
    and move "DirectShow Multimedia File Reader" to first position by changing priority (right click)
    - Somebody recomended that insted of setting priority to 1 as I have, you can try 4 if you are having still problem.

    How can you make Studio to crash (or what not to do)
    Now this might be favorite section by a lot users , but this is only time that it crashed for me.
    - Don't stop "Make Disk" process if it is in "Compiling Disc..." (Rendering is fine) stage.

    How to author with MPEG files that were encoded by TMPGEnc without re-encoding
    This is what I was testing
    - I created small DV AVI file.
    - I encoded it with TMPGEnc Plus to 6000 CBR and 8000 2pass VBR.
    - I just grabbed 2 MPEG files to time line
    - I pleces DVD Menu before them
    - I created chapters on begining and in the middle of each file
    - And now just go and Make Disk

    As you can see I used 2 MPEG files with different type of encoding, CBR and VBR. Final result that I saw in IfoEdit is that there is one VOB file with 2 Titles in it. Each one realy keeps bitrate. I checked it with PowerDVD (turn on "Show Information" to see current bitrate)

    Now what you should not do if you don't want to re-encode
    - No transitions on begining or end
    - No triming clip
    - No titles
    All this you should do before you create first DV AVI file, before encoding.
    If you don't see any "Rendering" status for longer then couple of seconds and it changes to "Compiling Disc...", you did it.

    Problem with menu (can't select thumbnail)
    This one is easy and even makes menu better
    - Add backround music. You can use CD or SmartSound.
    Should be fixed in newer versions !

    DVD menu with movie as a backround and thumbnails
    - To create moving thumbnails is easy. Just when you edit your menu, check flag right beside "film strip" icon.
    - To create moving backroud, create small clip (the one that will be your backround). Put it on main video track. Now, instead of placing menu on main video track, put it on title track beneath your clip. Cool ? You see ? It was easy.

    How to prepare VIDEO_TS driectory for burning
    Here I will explain where you can find VIDEO_TS dir with all files that you need for burning DVD if you are not using Studio 8 for burning.
    - VIDEO_TS dir will be stored (by default) in "Auxiliary Files" directory
    - To setup wher it is go to menu "Setup" / "Edit" and you can see it there. Just click on the dir button.
    - Create your project and when you are done, click on "3 Make Movie" tab
    - From options on the left, select "Disc"
    - On top of the screen in the middle you will see "Settings" button. Click on it.
    - Select any options that you need. For us right now important is to select "Create disc content but don't burn"
    - Click OK and then "Create Disc"
    - Steps that will follow are "Rendering", "Create Disk", "Compiling Disc"
    - After it is done your dir that you will need for burning is under "Auxiliary Files"\Project Name\DVD\Video_ts
    - Those files that are there (except "Anchor" and "Volume" - not sure what are they) needs to be burned to DVD directory VIDEO_TS (recomendation is to use all uppercase and put also empty AUDIO_TS dir on DVD)

    How to add backround music to an DVD Menu from CD
    - Double click on your menu. This will switch you to DVD Menu Edit mode.
    - Change duration to time that you want to use from your song on CD. Menu will loop this part of song over and over again.
    - Make sure that pointer is on the beggining of DVD Menu. (you can do this simply by clicking on different clip on your timeline view and clicking back on DVD Menu)
    - Now in PS8 menu select "Toolbox" / "Add CD Music". This will bring up CD Menu
    - In case that your CD is allready in drive and CD Title is aking you to put CD in CD-ROM, just eject and close CD-ROM door.
    - Now select part of the song that you would like to add to your DVD Menu as an bacround music. Be sure that it is same lenght as your DVD menu.
    - Now finaly click on "Add to Movie" button.
    - Done ! Enjoy....

    How to create menu with multiple chapters
    Prerequisite is that in "Setup" / "Edit" you selected option "When adding a memu.." to "Ask if links should be created".
    1. Place your one big file (or hundred small clips) on timeline
    2. Place in front of that clip DVD Menu
    3. Answer No on question "Would you like Studio automatically create links to each scene after the menu ?"
    4. To create first chapter at the beggining just right-click on your big clip in timeline and from the list select "Set Disc Chapter". (be sure that slider is at the beggining of the clip)
    5. To create next (second) chapter, in the DVD Menu window clik on small arrow down that shows text "Select next button" when you stay little bit longer at that arrow. It will change number on the left from 1 to 2.
    6. Now move slider to place where you want second chapter.
    7. just right-click on your big clip in timeline and from the list select "Set Disc Chapter".
    8. Now you have DVD Menu with two chapters.
    9. Repeat steps 5.6.7. as many times as meny chapters you need. Numbers will change accordingly.
    10. Don't forget to set "Return to Menu" on the end of you clip
    You can create multiple Menus and you can move from one to another. My typical DVD have 1 main menu from which I am pointing out to 3 sub-menus where I can select chapters or return back to main menu. On the end of the clip with chapters I will return to submenu. My buttons in menus are usualy small movie so it is nice dynamic with some nice music on the backround. Frame that is used in the button doesn't have to be one that chapter point is pointing to. You can select different frame from anywhere in your clip.

    This is all for now. Good luck !
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  2. Thanks for the advice. I tried to move to priority one and I got the following message fil sumervideo.stu can not be open or is not supported.
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  3. maybe my problem is I hit cancel too soon. How long should rendering take for 10 miniutes of video on a PIII 500 with 512 ram?
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  4. STU file is just Project file.... it does not hold video.
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  5. isn't the .stu file the file with the edits and transations? The original file seem to be raw video without my edits.
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  6. No STU is just project file that holds info about projet. Your transitioned and titled parts (AVI) are in "Auxiliary Files' directory somewhere on your disk.
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  7. I found the auxiliary files directory. The file that was in there was called autosave. The autosave file is an stu file
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  8. I've also found that with studio 8 that on longer projects with alot of transitions it is best to break your project up on to smaller sections and out put them as avi and then once your done bring them back for your final output. If not around 26 min you will start getting jumpy out put andyour movie will just look like shit.
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  9. Well... I used for my 77min project 7 AVI files (from 3 to 11 GB). It was split to 3 sub-menus with 18,11,46 min clips (rest were menus) and I didn't have problem. Who knows... maybe I will on my next project. Try to play it from Hard Drive to see if it is disk issue or mpeg.
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  10. Just an FYI,

    I spent a lot of time on the Pinnacle web site. It seems that this is a know problem. It is also caused byt the transitions. No transitions, no problem.

    Guess I am going to try and use video studio 6.0
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  11. Good luck !
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  12. Yeah thanks-

    And thanks for all of your help. I just rendered my entire movie no problem. I took out the transitions and it works just fine.

    Unbelivable!!! What a waste of $$ to buy editing software you can use to edit?!!
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  13. Long time ago when I was just learning English and was programing, somebody explained to me what means "RTFM issue". So... sometimes it pays to read Help or Manual. And here is result. I disovered that Studio 8 can do DVD Menu with...

    Movie as an backround

    Movie in thumbnails

    I will update main post with "How to".
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  14. Don Pedro:

    Thanks for your research. I had Studio 8 but returned it because it kept freezing during "compiling disc" and because I couldn't select a group of stills from the frame grabs/stills menu. I could only select one or all.

    Anyway, your information is good to have. Maybe if Studio 8 goes on sale again, I'll give it another shot.
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  15. There was new Beta patch 8.5.3 ( 853 for search ) that fixed problem with "select a group of stills from the frame". Latest one is Studio 8.5.8 BETA ( 858 or Studio8 for search )

    You can see what they fixed on that page....
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    Would I be able to auther and burn a dvd on studio 8 with a video edited from mydvd? I like the chapter buttons and menus from studio 8 better.
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  17. Based on my current knowledge, you should be able to author dvd compliant MPEG2 file without re-encodig if it is smaller than 60 minutes. If it is longer you can still do it but it will re-encode if you select "Video qualiyt = Automatic".

    Burning ? I am not sure which burner is supported or not, but it has burning option. In worst case you can create VIDEO_TS folder and burn with different program.
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  18. Studio 8 keeps quiting on me with my 25 minute movie. Perhaps the converting to AVI will help...but doesn't converting the movie to AVI, then exporting it to DVD affect its quality? Many thanks!
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  19. What is your version ?

    By exporting as I wrote in here you don't convert. Only transitions and parts with titles are converted. At least that is my understanding.

    I am not sure what do you mean "then exporting it to DVD" ? With Studio ? Or another authoring sofware ?
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  20. I have the latest version (the downloaded patch).

    What do you mean by "don't convert"?
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  21. Can you be more specific about version ???

    OK... here is tranlation of my badly formulated sentence.

    If you create your output as AVI file with "DV Video Encoder" codec (same as was used for capture) then there is no conversion involved in process of creating your final AVI file. Parts that were not modified will be just copied.

    That was supose yo be answer on this "...but doesn't converting the movie to AVI....affect its quality?". My answer is that there is no converting it this case... But I might be wrong. That is my assumption made based on what seems to be happaning and logic.
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  22. But I'm not using DV, I have the AV version.
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  23. OK.... I was assuming that it is DV since this is "Pinnacle Studio 8 and DV home video editing". Sorry, I don't have experience with Analog capturing....

    I still don't know your version....
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  24. My version is:

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  25. If you are willing to try Beta version, try link that I posted here... couple of hith of arrow up. Beta 8.5.8 ... they fixed a lot of issues there but it is beta (not official release). It might help you.
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    I'm a dedicated Premiere user, but I like to recommend Studio8 to beginners. Your advice which allows files rendered by outside encoders to not be rendered again is great! Now you can make decent looking SVCD and DVD with Studio's nice authoring, titling and transistion features.

    BIG QUESTION: When I author VCD and SVCD in Studio8, they will play perfectly on my DVD player, but will not play on the computer using PowerDVD or WinDVD. This is opposite of the typical "anything will play on the computer".

    The files are all there, and I can play them in media player. I have found other people with the same complaint on the Pinnacle site, but no solution. Every other program I have tried works fine playing on the computer. Any ideas?
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  27. Sorry, I don't author SVCD or VCD for my home video and I never used PC to play SVCD or VCD.
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  28. "How to prepare VIDEO_TS driectory for burning" added.
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    Donpedro I have 2 questions for you again .#1 does studio 8 allow you to do an alternate sound track? #2 and most important if I have 3 clips I all ready edited and saved as mpeg2 can I make a dvd with them with a menu without it re-transcoding the whole thing because I added a menu ?

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  30. I am adding all my "mini guides" in original post.

    #0 look for "DVD menu with movie as a backround and thumbnails"

    #1 what do you call "alternate sound track". If you mean that you can add backround music or your own recorded track (voice-over) that will be mixed with original sound (volume can be modified dynamicaly for each track) than YES.

    #2 yes you can. Look for part "How to author with MPEG files that were encoded by TMPGEnc without re-encoding"
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