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  1. Hi all,

    I have a Mpeg1-VCD compliant file that I want to use to make a VCD with menus and chapters.

    I have mastered the VCD files with TMpegenc adding some critical "I" frame to specific location for my chapter insertion. I have manually added 16 "I" frames.

    If I open the file in VirtualDUB, I can see all the "I" frame, and all the ones that I have added are there. VirtualDUB reports a total of 3057 "I" frames (and 15108 "P" and 36038 "B" frames)

    When I open the same file in VCDEasy, the "Number of possible entry points" is only of 2540 and none of my manually added "I" frames are in those.

    What am I doing wrong ? Since I can't use my manually added "I" frame, my chapters are not properly index and that does not look very professionnal.

    Any help/info would be appreciated!

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  2. Guest
    This has happened to me once as well, when creating a VCD at 23.976fps it didn't let me enter entry points where I inserted I frames. There is no perfect solution, but one that might help: You need to demultiplex your video and then re-multiplex it with BBMpeg. Select VCD stream type, and then "Pad VCD audio" and "Align Sequence headers" and then de-select "Write program end code". This helped me to get some of my manually added chapters, but not all... I have only had this problem once (usually I don't do chapters) so don't know of any better solution...
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  3. You need more than just I-frames... There also has to be a GOP header and a sequence header... I'm not entirely sure what TMPGEnc does but it seems that setting it to "close GOPs" can help.

    Else, try the suggestion that mpegobsession wrote above.

    Michael Tam
    w: Morsels of Evidence
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